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Federation of ORTHODOX and CATHOLICS United Sacramentally
Heads of Ministries or Jurisdictional  POC listed alphabetically by Rite
Last updated: 2 October 2016
Moderator: Abbot-Bishop Mar +David Michael, ThD

Note: The following jurisdictional groupings seek to reflect the various ecclesiastical origins and cultures that our members and observers hold within the larger family of Orthodoxy and the Catholic faith.  It is encouraged that the members and observers within each grouping make an effort to reach out to others with whom they are listed in seeking to forge a working relationship with those close to them in origin, culture and practice.  From this unity a larger unity of the FOCUS corpus will then be possible.  This is the model for unity given to us by God in a dream received in 2012 found at:

I. Anglo-Catholic Rite

Hawaiian Reformed Catholic Church (HRCC)

KEAWE - The Most Rev. Kimo Keawe,
~ Observer ~
150 Hamakua Drive, Suite #810
Kailua, HI  96734
(808) 852-2672

2. Celtic Rite

Celtic Episcopal Church (CEC)
RINKLE - The Most Rev. John Rinkle, D.D. KCCG KROJ-SOJ Malta OCMA

~ Observer ~

Celtic Orthodox Christian Church (COCC)
DOWLING - The Most Rev. Maelruain (Dowling), Cele De
~ Observer ~

3. Jerusalem Rite (Ecumenical)
Federation of Jesus Abbeys (FJA)
SMITH - Brother Mar +David Michael (Holmes-Smith), MEd, MS, DD, ThD
~ Member ~  Pilgrims Abbey
PO Box 464,
Tombstine, AZ  85638

4. Old Catholic Rite

Apostolic Orthodox Catholic Church (AOCC)

INGRAM - The Most Rev. Charles (Gorazd) Ingram, JCM, SSC
~ Member ~
P.O.  Box 1834
Glendora, CA 91740
Phone 626-335-7369 Rectory
Fax 626-857-7642

Catholic Church, Inc. (CCI)
FINNEGAN - The Most Rev. Joseph Finnegan, BS, MSA, DivMin, DD
~ Member ~
Phone: 850-656-3777

Old Holy Catholic Church (OHCC)
BUSHNELL - The Most Rev. William H. Bushnell
~ Member ~
  • Diocesan Bishop of the OHCC
  • Bishop, Archdiocese of Christ the King
194 Briarcliff Lane
Madison Heights, VA 24572
Phone - 804-384-0549

Old Roman Catholic Church (ORCC)
JOSEPH-ELY - Archbishop Joseph-Ely, OR
~ Member ~
  • Archbishop of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.
  • Prior General of the Ordo Resurrectionis (OR)
P.O. Box  2729
Toledo, Ohio 43606
Phone 419-472-6383
Fax 419-472-6216

5. Oriental Rite (Syro-Chaldean)

Aramaic Catholic Church (ACC)

WALSH - Most Rev. Sean Walsh, DD
~Observer ~
Avenida Schell 120,
 N° 502 Miraflores,
Lima 18 Perú
(51-1) 243-3787

6. Orthodox Rite - North America

Patriarch Nikon
~ Observer ~
  • Patriarch, The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America  (THEOCACNA)
  • AKA:  The American Orthodox Church
  • Patriarch, American Orthodox Patriarchate
  • Society of Clerks Secular of St. Basil
  • Orthodox Franciscan Brothers (OFB)
  • Orthodox Franciscan Sisters (OFS)
  • Archbishop Victor Prentice, THEOCACNA
PO Box 121
Sudan, TX. 79371

St. Joseph Orthodox Catholic Church (SJOCC)
JEGYUD - The Most Rev. Joseph Anthony (Jegyud),
~ Member ~
  • Archbishop of the SJOCC
  • Knighted as Commander in Canada
8590 Mountain Sights Avenue
Montreal Quebec, Canada, H4P 2C2

7. Orthodox Rite - Ethnic

Corpus Christi Ecumenical Fellowship &
Independent Catholic Union (CCEF/ICU)

CAMPBELL - Most Rev. Bruce D. Campbell, EOSM, OSBM, STD, JCD
~ Observer ~

True Greek Ukrainian Orthodox Catholic Church (TGUOCC)
KELLY - The Most Rev. John Kelly
~ Member ~
35 Walden Court,
East Moriches, New York 11940
Mail: Romano-Byzantine Latin Rite Catholic Church
Box 5374
Bayshore, New York 11706
Phone: 1-631-878-4172

Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC)
PACE - The Most Rev. Ron Pace
~ Member ~

8. Roman Rite - Independent

Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA)
SANTORE - The Most Rev. Anthony Santore
~ Observer ~
12017 Cheviot Dr
Herdon VA  20170

BALIJA - The Most Rev. Jim Balija
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