Federation of Orthodox and Catholics United Sacramentally

Our directive as given to us by prophetic dreams and visions from Jesus who will guide us into the future for the sake of His true Church. We honor the many who serve in religious orders and churches as we gather together focused on Jesus to pursue a uniquely diverse community of Catholics and Orthodox.

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Dream for FOCUS in 2012

In a dream, I saw a massive ship - the largest ever built and it had 12 masts.  It was modern in hull design made of steel but with twelve 19th century styled square masts with multiple massive rows of sails stacked on each mast.  I then looked more closely and saw scores of men up in the sails setting the sails into the wind.  The ship was moving very quickly through a calm sea. 

Upon partial awakening, I prayed and was told that the 12 masts are 12 groups of the faithful that will be raised up for keeping the ship on course. 
12 sets of sails represent 12 Apostolic denominations with each sail being a subgroup or historic stream of 'faith and practice'.  These are not the main stream denominations who are now going into perdition but a remnant from these denominations who remained faithful to God and faithful to true orthodoxy in America. 

I then remembered I saw scores of men/sailors up in the sails setting them into the wind.  I was shown they were bishops and ministers who were guiding the ship with the placement of the sails into the wind.
The wind is the Holy Spirit that powers the ship and these elders were chosen because they were sensitive to the wind of the Holy Spirit and turned the sails into the wind to gain maximum power from the wind to move forward through any sea.  They had a prophetic nature in being able to sense the change of the wind and have the sails ready to catch the wind as it turned.  The ship appears to be a gathering place for all those who remain faithful to true orthodoxy (right teaching).  It was shown to me this ship was the ark ship for the faithful in the uniting of orthodoxy in America as the new ship that is to become a new FOCUS on Jesus. 

I then accepted FOCUS to become the ship of safety for the remnant of those of orthodoxy who have from the beginning have embraced the true faith of Jesus and the Holy Apostles.   I then concluded in believing this was a new direction FOCUS and the Church and how unity may occur before the return of Messiah Jesus.

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